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No Pack Events Scheduled For This Weekend

Posted on Feb 18 2021 - 6:41pm

Good evening everybody.  I just wanted to send out a heads up.  I had heard from someone that was under the impression that we were hosting the Blue & Gold Banquet this weekend.  Though we were originally going to schedule it for this weekend, we did decide to reschedule it to a later date when we would be able to meet in a group size larger than 10 people.  Hopefully we will be able to plan it for later in the spring.  Please keep an eye out for an upcoming email regarding a Council wide virtual Pinewood Derby I will be forwarding soon too.  Thank you!

2021 Pinewood Derby

Posted on Jan 7 2021 - 8:44pm

Dear families,


We are only two weekends away from the Pinewood Derby and I wanted to go over a couple of items quickly.  First, I am looking for several volunteers to help set up the track and help run the races on race day.  Everyone please be sure to RSVP to the event on Scoutbook if you plan on coming and leave me a reply if you can help assist.  Second, everyone should have gotten the car kit if you are planning to come by now, but for those that are not planning on attending in person feel free to build a car and drop it off and we will race it for you.  I am also going to take a picture of everyone's car when they come so that we can do online voting for the top design this year.  Remember we will spread out our start times by den so we will only have 10 or fewer people in the Graves pavilion at a time.  Lastly, does anyone think that they need a night sometime before the race to test their cars or get help with building them?  Normally we would have had a test time the night before the race.  If anyone needs it just let me know and we can work on setting something up at Hoover Ridge during the week before the race.  Besides the race I will be sending out a notification for our first committee meeting soon and we also have to remember to send our dues payments to Mr. Cone if you have not already done so.  Just a reminder, we do have some scholarships available for those who need it.  Take care everyone, don't forget to RSVP and let me know if you need help with your cars.  Do your best!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Posted on Dec 21 2020 - 10:10pm

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone! First things first, thank you again to all of our families for participating in the Angel Tree program for Madison Social Services, and another big thank you to Allison Jeffrey for organizing and collecting everything for delivery. We were able to collect items for the children of two families that needed a little extra helping hand this Christmas. To raise good citizens, we have to be the example for our children. The Boy Scout slogan is Do A Good Turn Daily. It means you should always be looking for extra opportunities to help others, quietly, without boasting. A good turn is an act of kindness, not just something you do because it is good manners. Bless you all for doing a Good Turn this Christmas season. Remember that when our sons see us do a Good Turn to help others, they are watching, and more importantly, they are learning. I have attached a picture here and added a couple more on the Pack website, cubscoutpack45.com. Share them with your sons so that they can see how they helped make a good Christmas morning for a few of their neighbors.
Now on to business. Pack fees are coming due by the end of January. I know I have spoken with most of you, and know who is planning on returning for the new year. Health and safety is the biggest concern for most people when it comes to making the decision to return to Scouting, but we want to let anyone know who wants to remain on the roster that we have scholarship funds for ANY scout who needs it, so don't let your scout drop out because of money. Just to make everyone aware, BSA has added a one time $25 registration fee for all NEW scouts, so if you are dropped from the roster and reenroll later as a new scout you will be subject to this new fee. For those planning on staying with the program, please mail your dues check to:
Steve Cone
261 Southgate Shopping Center
Culpeper, VA 22701

Dues amounts are:
National Dues $66
Pack Dues $34
Boys Life $12 (this is optional)

Make checks out to Cub Scout Pack 45. Last but not least, a few housekeeping items. Let me know if you have not gotten your Derby Kit and want one, or an extra for a parent or sibling to make a race car. I will still need a couple extra helpers for set up and take down of the track on race day. And we are looking for an Assistant Cubmaster to assist with the Pack meetings once we get back to normal operations, someone to eventually take over as Cubmaster or as a Co-Cubmaster in another year. Any parent or grandparent can sign up for the training. Please give it some thought and reach out to me if your interested. Please take care and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas Trees Are Set to be delivered between 8 - 10 am on Wednesday. See below

Posted on Nov 24 2020 - 3:42pm


 I will hopefully get a phone call with a more narrow window on Wednesday morning and I will re-post. Adult help will be greatly appreciated.

Christmas Tree Sales Fundraiser

Posted on Nov 24 2020 - 3:00pm


For this Christmas season the Cub Scout Pack will be selling Christmas trees with Boy Scout Troop #45 and sharing the proceeds. We will post the procedure for selling on the pack website soon. Take note below a few important notes.

Restarting Scouting for 2020-2019 School Year

Posted on Oct 12 2020 - 4:47pm

Good afternoon everyone. I apologize for the short notice, but I plan on traveling to the Scoutshop in Waynesboro this week to purchase new handbooks for the Scouts now that they are advancing to their new ranks. I hope to hand them out this coming Sunday at our Pack meeting at Hoover Ridge. I have already spoken with several of you but I need to get a firm count of which boys plan to continue with Cub Scouts for this school year and those that are not. If you are receiving this email please respond to me with your intention for this year so I can pick up the correct number of books. I will also be sending this out in an Eblast for those who may not be receiving messages from Scoutbook, so again I apologize for sending so many messages out. It would be a be a big help to me if you could respond by Wednesday morning. Thank you and have a great week!

Upcoming events for Pack 45 :

Oct 18 - October Pack Meeting 1pm @ Camp Crockett @ Hoover Ridge
Nov 01 - Pack Family Hike 1pm @ James Madison's Montpelier, 11350 Constitution Hwy, Montpelier Station, VA 22957

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